How to Achieve 7+ Bands in IELTS Speaking Task

IELTS test has four different sections reading, writing, speaking and listening. The all 4 sections are equally important and for this reason, students should work hard on each section to attain a reasonable overall Band Score. Although, speaking sections lasts for few minutes, but this section is important and students shouldn’t underestimate its importance. If IELTS candidates focus slightly more on this section then it is obvious that they will attain relatively good score in their IELTS Test. Below are some useful tips that will surely help you to enhance your Band Score in your final Speaking Test: 


  1. You need to be confident always as it is the first thing that should be developed in your personality.
  2. You must have an appropriate eye contact with the examiner and let examiner believe that you are an excellent communicator. 
  3. You must look at your grammar and sentence structure while speaking. Also, your tenses should be based on the subject matter and the questions of speaking. 
  4. You must develop a routine, in which you need to extend your responses. Don’t response simply YES or NO in your IELTS Part 1 and Part 3 sections. 
  5. You must realize that if you are unable to understand the question, there is a freedom to ask question again. 
  6. You must have a decent range of vocabulary, as a powerful vocabulary will ultimately fetch you a great band score. 
  7. You must not take long pauses while speaking. If you think you are not able to complete the sentence, don’t wait and simply move forward.
  8. You need to complete your speaking in the cue car part for complete 2 minutes. You need to practice for this. If you are speaking correct with right grammar and excellent vocabulary, but you end before 2 minutes, surely you will be penalized for this. 
  9. You must understand that even you’re speaking wrong; the examiner will not correct you, as he is not allowed to interrupt you in this section to give you suggestions. 
  10. You must also understand that IELTS Speaking entirely focuses on the accurate pronunciation of the words. Therefore, a wrong pronunciation of the word may result in losing your marks.  
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These are some of the recommendations that you must adhere in order to get maximum bands in your IELTS Speaking section. if you any issue pertaining to any point then you can contact us by using the comment section and we will likely to reply you. best of Luck...

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