IELTS Speaking Module In Depth With Detailed Structuring

The Complete Structuring of IELTS Speaking Module:

The IELTS Speaking module is specifically designed to assess the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively, meaningfully and correctly in English. The IELTS Package has noticed that in IELTS Speaking section the candidate is interviewed alone with the IELTS examiner and the entire conversation is recorded. The speaking section lasts for 11 – 15 minutes and comprises of 3 parts. However, the topics of the speaking section vary from candidate to candidate. The IELTS Package is dedicated to provide you the state of the art techniques, tips and guidelines for your success in the IELTS test. This time we will be explaining each part of the IELTS Speaking Module, so that you may understand fully that what you are going to expect on the final day. The important thing here is to understand that the IELTS Speaking section is just same for both IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training Module. 
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The Part 1 of IELTS Speaking Module:

The Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking Module is based on “Introduction” & the discussion on the “Familiar topics”. Here the examiner provides an atmosphere to the candidate to get relax and answer some very basic questions. Most of the times the examiner is going to ask questions about candidate’s name, qualification, house, hobbies, weekdays, weekend, city, food etc. This part is known as introductory part because some basic questions will be asked. 

The Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking Module:

After the completion of the Part 1, the examiner will provide a topic to the candidate on which, the candidate have to speak at least for 3 to 4 minutes, unless the examiner stops the candidate with his/her action. The Part 2 of the Speaking Module is of prime importance, as in this part the candidate has to be smart, focused and should come up with connecting ideas. In Part 2 the IELTS examiner will provide you a topic and with a pencil and a paper so that you make some points on, which you are going to speak. This is the main area; the examiner will be giving you 1 minute to make your points. The key area is that in this 1 minute you must have ideas pertaining to the relevant topic so that you may speak. Here in this situation the IELTS Package has already provided the “The Spider Net Technique, which is just best option. Make points from this technique and discuss them one by one.  

The Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Module: 

After the completion of the Part 2 the IELTS examiner takes a pause and ask candidate that he will be now again interviewing the candidate based on the topic, which he provided earlier in Part 2. This section is known as “Two-way Discussion OR Topic Discussion”. In this section the examiner will be asking questions and will engage you in a long discussion to check your fluency and vocabulary. This section is also very important as in this section the examiner will be asking for your opinions by cross questioning. This section is easy as it is just like a discussion on a topic between two friends.

IELTS Speaking Module In a Nutshell: 

Conclusively, the IELTS Speaking Module is of great importance and the only key to achieve high band in this module is to practice a lot more. The students must be familiar with the pattern and the parts of the IELTS speaking module before their IELTS test preparation. IELTS Package is going to provide the downloadable material for each part in coming posts for IELTS test preparation. However, the key for success is hard-work and practice. It is evident that without sufficient practice, you can't come up with required results. So practice, practice & practice and Best of Luck!! 

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