Ielts Writing Task 1 (Academic Module)

IELTS Package- IELTS Writing Task 1 for Academic Module 

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Ielts Task 1 (Academic Module)

The Academic Writing Module of Ielts comprises two different tasks. In task 1 you have to summarize the provided information. The information is provided in graph, table and schematic diagram. The ideal word count for this task is 150 words. The given information can be a Graph, Table or any Schematic Diagram.

Types of Graph: 

Most of the times in Ielts Task 1, you will be provided with a Single Graph or combination of Multiple Graphs to delineate and summarize the information. Generally, there are 3 types of graphs, which normally come in Ielts writing task 1. These include Bar Graphs, Line Graphs and Pie-Graphs or Charts. 

Line Graph_Ielts Package
Line Graph

Bar Graph- Ielts Package
Bar Graph
Pie Graph - Ielts package
Pie Graph

Tabular Data: 

Sometimes in Task 1, when graph is not present in your paper, a data may be provided to you in a tabular style. You have to decipher the information provided in the tabular form and then summarize the information in 150 words maximum. The ielts package blog has compiled the all types of graphs, tabular data and schematic diagrams for your ielts test preparation

Tabular Chart_Ielts package
Tabular Chart 

IELTS Package- Pictorial or Schematic Diagrams: 

Ielts writing test is way to analyze your power of writing as well as communication therefore, the ielts test examiners use different strategies to check the abilities of the candidates. For instance, the ielts test examiners, sometimes provide the candidate a schematic diagram instead of graphs or tabular data. They use this technique to check the candidate’s ability that how well he/she summarizes the given information. These schematic diagrams can be a block diagram of any chemical process, a schematic diagram of any industries’ plant process, or a schematic diagram of any physical process like weathering, water cycle, continental drift etc. 

Schematic Diagram_Ielts Package
Schematic Diagram 

Schematic Diagram 2_Ielts Package
Schematic Diagram 2 

Schematic Diagram 3_Ielts Package
Schematic Diagram 3 

Above mentioned are the types of questions, which one can expect in Ielts Writing Task 1. On our blog Ielts Package, you can access free online ielts books download, free Ielts material download and free ielts listening and writing modules material for your ielts test preparation

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