IELTS Writing Task 2: 4 Basic Factors Determining Your Score

Eaxplaining 4 Basic Factors for IELTS Writing Task 2:

IELTS Package has already mentioned in the previous post IELTS Writing Task 2: What to Expect? that your final essay will be judged on the basis of 4 Basic Factors. These factors are collectively measuring your skills and your abilities of English writing. Therefore, it is important that you must understand fully these 4 basic factors as well as their importance in your IELTS test preparation. For your IELTS preparation academic module, we are explaining each factor in much detail so you can make yourself ready for your IELTS test preparation.

IELTS package_IELTS Writing Task 2
IELT Writing Task 2

Task Response Factor 1:

In your IELTS writing task 2 you will be provided with a statement on any subject issue, on which you have to write an essay of minimum 250 words. IELTS package has mentioned that the response to the thesis statement is of prime importance. The IELTS examiner wants to see whether or not you have addressed all the questions with support and relevant ideas? Therefore, IELTS Package has mentioned that the support in essay should be very much strong. For this support you can present your own personal experience to validate your own viewpoints.

Cohesion & Coherence Factor 2: 

Both of these terms are related with each other and act simultaneously. The term “Cohesion” depicts that how effective is your writing “OR” How your writing fits together. Also, this term explains that whether or not the actual writing is having supporting ideas & logical flow. Similarly, the term “Coherence” depicts that how well you understand your statement & how well the reader is going to comprehend your statement”. Both of these terms are so much important for your IELTS test preparation as mentioned by the IELTS package. Therefore we can say that

Cohesion = How effective is your writing + Supporting Ideas & Flow
Coherence = How you understand statement + How well reader Interpret your statement

Lexical Resource Factor 3: 

This term determines your selection of words in your essay. The IELTS examiner will look that what types of words you have utilized in your writing. Also, he will analyze that whether or not these words are used in right time, place and in right framework. As per the IELTS Package recommendation, to get high marks within this area, your selection of words is important. Use good vocabulary and don’t repeat the same words over and over again. Try to use different words, but in the right context. 

Grammatical Range and Accuracy Factor 4:

In your IELTS preparation and practice, make it sure that you are working on your grammar at the same time. In your IELTS writing task 2, the examiner will be looking for accurate, flexible and appropriate grammatical structure within your essay. As per the information provided by the IELTS Package, it is evident that IELTS test is more concerned with your communication rather than your sentence structuring and grammatical skills. Though, you must consider this factor as an important one in your final IELTS test preparation. Ignoring any important factor will surely impact your IELTS preparation and practice for your final day.  

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