Writing Essay Effectively for IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Package Guidelines for Writing  Proper Essay:

For IELTS Academic Writing Task 2, IELTS package always insist students to develop their plan by using “Spider Net Technique” for their essays. This particular technique is not just for your IELTS Writing Task 2, but this technique is equally good for writing essays on different topics. For your IELTS test preparation we always recommend you state of the art techniques, which are going to give you excellent band score in your IELTS test. Also, these techniques are very much necessary for your IELTS preparation and practice. In “Spider Net Technique” you have to first brainstorm your mind, think for 3 to 4 minutes for the making-up of points. The given below is an example of Spider Net Technique, in which Main Topic is Circled and Supporting ideas or Points are attached: 

Brain Storming Tips Before Writing Essay:

  • Think 3 to 4 minutes regarding your topic 
  • Make a “Spider Net Diagram” sketch on a paper 
  • Circle your main topic in the middle of paper and draw spider lines coming out from that circle   
  • Make points and attach those points with the lines coming out from main circle
  • Make Points both Negative and Positive pertaining to your Topic 
  • Try to confine your positive points on one side and negative points on the other side

IELTS Package: Spider-Net Technique for Essay Writing:

As per the IELTS Package recommendation, it is always advised that you must practice more and more for this “Spider Net Technique” and try to link ideas with each other to expand your essay, but ideas should be logical. For Instance, if someone asks you to write an essay on “Child Labor”, than how you will be writing and brainstorming within a minute? The solution is always Spider Net Technique, by which you can make points instantly and can start writing. 

From the above example it is evident that you can make points instantly. IELTS Package, always advice students to correlate one topic with other. For example, if you are talking about “Alcohol” than you must think about its impact on society, health, psychology, and associated crime. Similarly, if you are going to discuss the topic “Role of Media” than you must think about media & society, media & news, its advantages, disadvantages, media and marketing, media & business development, however on negative side we can discuss, media and psychological problems, media and health issues etc.


IELTS package informs all students that the key success in this Writing Task 2 is basically a connection between your ideas to make a genuine flow in your writing. Also, to make a flow in writing the best possible solution is Spider-Net Technique, because with this technique you are just writing down all your ideas, which are actually helpful for your essay. Secondly, for your IELTS test preparation, it is advised that you must be reading different topics and not just stick with your field of specialization, so that you may be having a lot more information to correlate your ideas within an essay.

IELTS Package: Recommendations for IELTS Writing Task 2

Conclusively, as per the recommendation of IELTS package, you must adhere to follwoing guidelines to achieve better score in your IELTS Academic Writing Task 2. These techniques are very much helpful for your IELTS test preparation. If you are practicing these techniques, than the outcome will be superb and you will be having much better score in your writing module. So keep practicing more for your IELTS preparation and practice. 

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