Download Free Cambridge IELTS Intermediate Level Books By ESOl Examination

Cambridge IELTS Intermediate Level Books: 

These books are specifically designed for your IELTS test preparation. These books are not easy and require little knowledge and practice. IELTS Package strongly recommend that before going to practice these books you must have the sufficient practice session with IETLS Basic Level Books. The books include in this section are IELTS Cambridge Book 4, IELTS Cambridge Book 5 & IELTS Cambridge Book 6.

The Cambridge IELTS Book 4:



Just like all other previous books this book is also containing four tests for your IELTS exam preparation. However, this particular book requires a lot of practice as in this book, two tests are easy and rest of the two tests are little technical. Therefore, it is recommended that all you IELTS test takers must have sufficient practice with IELTS Basic Level Books, before start practicing this book.

The Cambridge IELTS Book 5: 


Just like the Cambridge IELTS Book 4 this book also requires some practice and skills. Don’t try to solve the question in one attempt as the questions and the tests of this book are little tough and will require more effort and attention to solve the tests. Therefore, for your IELTS test preparation first get some primary skills from IELTS Basic Level Books and then solve these tests to learn the skills in step by step fashion. 

The Cambridge IELTS Book 6: 


This book is also having four test and answer to those tests at the end. This book is the last book in Cambridge IELTS Intermediate Level Books. Just like the Cambridge IELTS Book 5, this book is also designed to familiarize students with more advanced skills pertaining to their IELTS exam preparation. The four different tests are very unique from each other in terms of their difficulty and vocabulary used specifically in the “Reading Section." Furthermore, each test in this book will be tougher compare to the previous test. Therefore, IELTS Package strongly recommend that before going to practice this book for your IELTS test preparation, it is better that all of you must practice Book 4 and Book 5. 


Conclusively, Cambridge IELTS Intermediate Level Books are one step further in your IELTS exam preparation and practice. Also, if you have completed successfully the Cambridge IELTS Basic Level Books than practicing these books will provide you further skills and knowledge pertaining to your IELTS exam preparation. Therefore, it is very much necessary that you must adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines to have a better band score in your final IELTS test.  Best of Luck!!

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