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The IELTS (International English Language Testing) system is designed to check the candidate’s level of English. The test comprises of 4 Modules that includes Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. However, this article will enable you to understand the core concept of Speaking Module and will answer your question “How to Practice for the IELTS Speaking Test”.


In order to practice for the IELTS Speaking section, you must first understand the layout or structure of the Speaking Exam:

Part 1 of IELTS Speaking Section:

The Speaking exam lasts for only 11 - 14 minutes and has 3 Parts. The Speaking exam is in fact an oral interview in which you (The Candidate) and instructor (The Examiner) will be facing each other. The speaking test has 3 parts and for each part there is specific amount of time. The part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test lasts for 4 - 5 minutes, in which the examiner will ask General Questions, about things like Home, Family, Studies, Job, Interest, and a wide range of other topic.   

Part 2 of IELTS Speaking Section:

In the 2nd Part of the speaking test, the examiner will provide a topic or a card on which the topic will be mentioned.  This phase lasts for 2 - 4 minutes, in which the candidate needs to speak continuously for almost 2 minutes.  However, after mentioning the topic to the candidate the examiner will give 1 minute to the candidate to make the points, on which he needs to speak. The important thing is to understand that in this part, only the candidate will be speaking and his/her voice will be recorded on a tape. The examiner will be completely silent and will not interrupt the candidate, while he/she is speaking.

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Part 3 of IELTS Speaking Section:    

The Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Section will lasts for 5 minutes. This is a discussion section between the candidate and the examiner regarding the abstract issues, which are linked to the topic that was initially provided to the candidate in Part 2.

How The Examiner Will Grade Your Test:

There are certain parameters, by which the examiner will grade your overall speaking Test. It is important to understand these factors for your complete IELTS Test Preparation. Also, you must follow these guidelines to prepare yourself for the IELTS Speaking Section
  • Lexical Resource: This is the first factor that will be used to grade your test. The examiner will see listen your recorded tape and will analyze that whether you have used Range of Vocabulary or not.
  • Grammatical Accuracy and Range: This is another most important factor in which the examiner will check your grammar. The examiner will look that whether you made few grammatical mistakes or more.
  • Fluency & Coherence: In this part the examiner will check whether you have taken long pauses while speaking or not. Secondly, he will also check that the ideas you expressed have connection or not. 

How to Practice for IELTS Test:

There are several ways that you can adopt for the practice of your IELTS Speaking section, but here on IELTS Package, we are more focused to tell our audience the best and most effective way to get better results pretty fast.

Record Your Voice:

Yes this is one of the best approaches for your IELTS Test Preparation for Speaking Module. Record your voice on a tape or a recorded and check what mistakes did you make? Which phrases or words you repeat? Did you take long pauses? Were your concept and ideas were clear? How was your intonation and pronunciation? After you have record your answer, you can again record your voice and match the previous answer with the latest one.  In this way you will be able to have control on your issues and you will be in a better position to give answer to the questions.

Work With Partner(s):

This is another best approach to work with your friend or a partner who is also appearing in the IELTS Test. You can practice the typical exam questions with your partner and he will give you a feedback to improve yourself. It is important that you must practice with good partner who can easily mark your weak areas.

Some Important Recommendations:

Sometimes while practicing your IELTS Speaking Test, you start memorizing the speeches DON’T practice in this way.  It is very hard, your pronunciation isn't that good and you don’t know what question you are going to face in your IELTS Speaking Test. It is absolutely a waste of time! Similarly, if you think that, your English is superb, you still need to practice, as IELTS Exam is very specific. 


These are some of the quick outlines for your IELTS Speaking Section however; there are some alternative ways to prepare for your IELTS Exam. We hope that you will find this post helpful. So always work hard and practice more and more to get your required results. Best of Luck…

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