How to Solve IELTS Reading Yes, No, Not Given Questions?

IELTS Package is dedicated to provide you the state of the art techniques for your IELTS test preparation. In previous post “How to Manage Time in IELTS Reading” we have provided you the tips pertaining to the time management for your IELTS reading section. This time we are providing you Tips & Tricks for one of the IELTS reading section having “True”, “False” and “Not Given” questions. Below are tips & tricks for your IELTS exam preparation

IELTS Reading (True (Yes), False (NO), Not Given) Section: 

In this portion of IELTS reading section you will be provided with a “List” of facts. After looking at the provided facts you than have to look at the next in order to decide if the facts are true (Yes), false (NO), or Not Given. 

Tips for IELTS Reading (True , False, Not Given) Section: 

  1. If the fact is clearly present in the reading than it is “True”
  2. If the original reading is opposite to the provided fact than this will be “False”
  3. If the given fact is “Not true or False”, it is “Not Given” 


Solving IELTS Reading (True, False, Not Given) Section:

If you are going to attempt this section or going to practice it for your final IELTS test preparation you should know some rules. 

  1. In this section the questions will always follow the order of the main text 
  2. Always read the main question carefully to make certain that you understand what is saying. 
  3. Always Scan the Text for the main keyword in order to find the answer location
  4. When you come up with the answer, read the text carefully to identify if you think it is True, False or Not Given
  5. Mostly the main question will be having Synonym of the original word that has been used in the main text.
  6. Always try to locate the controlling words such as “only”, “never”, “all” etc. For instance, if the fact in question says “Some” and the main fact in the text says “All”, then the answer will be “False”
  7. Don’t spend much on one question; it will probably be NG, if you are not able to find the answer. 
  8. Always make sure that you are using the correct code for your answers “Yes”, “No”, “Not Given”, “False”, “True” or even “No Information”. These are the options, which come up with such kind of questions. Therefore, always pay attention. 


These are some recommendations for solving True, False and Not Given questions coming in IELTS Reading Module. IELTS Package strongly recommends all of you people to start practicing these guidelines for your IELTS test preparation and to score good band in your final IELTS exam. Best of Luck!!! 

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