How to Manage Time in Your IETLS Reading Section

In this post IELTS Package is highlighting some issues related to your time management in your IELTS reading section. In IELTS Reading Exam, most of the people feel that they are “Not having enough time”. This is the biggest issue for majority of people appearing in IELTS reading section. Here are some tips and tricks to effectively manage this issue. It is necessary that you must stick with these guidelines while working on your IELTS test preparation material. 

Always Try to Solve First Question: 

“Go” straight to the first question. Do not waste your time in reading the full text of the paragraph or the first sentence of every paragraph. Also, when you are reading the first question, don’t read the other questions at that time. This is a key for your reading section. 

Statement & Heading Match Questions: 

“DO” the paragraph based questions in last. Similarly, in your reading exam section always try to solve question first, that ask you to match statement and heading with paragraphs. This section is always easy and takes less time for its completion. This is another important tip pertaining to your IELTS test preparation


Don’t Stick With One Question: 

“Don’t” get stuck to only one question only. Once you realize that you are not able to give answer to the question, just leave it and move towards the next question. Also, return to the difficult question later if you have extra time. 

All Answers are In Sequence: 

“Always Remember” that answer to the most of the questions are in sequence. Therefore, you don’t need to go back again to the beginning of each passage to look for your required answer. This is very important tip for your IELTS exam preparation, as most of the students are not familiar with this important point. 

Using Skimming & Scanning Technique Effectively: 
“Only” Skim and Scan for names and numbers only, else you have to read at your normal speed. This single tip is very much useful for your IELTS exam preparation, as most of the students are not practicing this tip in a right direction and as a result they use to miss the important information during the Skimming and Scanning procedure. 

Work With a Time: 

“Work with a time” , this means that while practicing your IELTS online preparation or exam preparation material at home you have to set time for each question. Try to work with alarm and set 2 minutes for each question. This single tip is very much important for your IELTS test preparation. 


These are some of the great tips and recommendation by IELTS Package for your IELTS test preparation. However, to get the required band in your IELTS reading section you always need time management and proper skills. Therefore, try to master the above mentioned skills and get your required band in IELTS reading section.

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