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    On IELTS Package, we are welcoming comments and encouraging on our blog, but there are some rules, which should be followed for the approval of the comment. All comments on IELTS Package are subject to the website’s term of use. Violation of the term of use or the Policy will result in immediate deletion of the comment or commenter being blocked from the site to access the site’s data. 

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    On IELTS Package, the owner of the blog is having a right to delete, edit, move or mark as spam any comment. Moreover, the owner of the blog is having a right to block any person or group from commenting. 

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    The comment from must be filled in a legitimate way with proper name and perfect URL. Those comments using KEYWORDS, SHORT URL’s, or Suspicious information within the comment form will be instantly deleted. In this situation your comment will not be edited, but deleted entirely.

    Link Submission: 

    In case you want to leave a comment and also want to point your link to your or someone’s site, that is relevant to our topic; please feel free to do so. However, keep in mind that the link should have relevancy with the blog and the topic of discussion and that link also add value to our readers.

    Thanks Comments: 

    All comments which will appear as superficial to achieve backlink will be deleted instantly in the moderation. 


    It is to mention that if we notice that some comment is containing any proprietary information, plagiarized & copyrighted information, we will quickly delete that comment and the commentator will be blocked suddenly for further commenting on our blog site.  

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    We inform all commenters that we will need your e-mail for your comment publishing, before they appear on our blog site. Furthermore, that e-mail will be further used by the owner to privately contact with the commenter. 

    Language manners & Ethics: 

    IELTS Package is blog for your free IELTS test preparation. Therefore, it is mandatory that you must appear on this site as a noble or a sober person. Also, you must use polite and sober language while commenting. Those comments, which will be found with inappropriate language, or considered to be offensive or rude, will be deleted. Some comments that are discouraging Microsoft, British Council, or IELTS officials will also be deleted. You have a right to question to owner of the blog, but you can’t argue. Furthermore, failure to meet the communication standards will result in permanent removal of the comment as well as the commentator. 

    Action Required if Comment is not Accepted: 

    If your comment is not approved, than you must be patient. On IELTS package, blog, the comments are not approved instantly. Also, please don’t submit your comment over and over again. Send your same comment again only, if you think the original comment was not submitted in a proper manner. 

    Spamming or Multiple Comments: 

    On IELTS package. Blog we strongly disapprove multiple comments if we find them one after another, as we consider as Blog Comment Spamming. Such users will be disapproved and his/her all comments will be deleted.