What to use American or British Way of Spelling for IELTS Test

We at IELTS Package are dedicated to provide you the best information for your IELTS test preparation. We have noticed that a lot of students are having problem with regards to selecting American or British spelling, while dealing their IELTS tests. Therefore, we have decided to provide the comprehensive information to the IELTS Candidates about this confusion, so that they may prepare for their IELTS Test in a better way. 


Using American or British Spelling:

In our daily lives not everyone is familiar that there is an American and a British way of spelling words, as they are entirely different. This question has already made confusion in a lot of students mind and they are unsure about how to spell word in their IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading and IELTS Writing tests – Whether to use British or the American style.

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Knowing Between American & British Spellings:

First, it is extremely important that you must have ample information regarding the difference between American and British way of spelling. Secondly, you must comprehend the ideas fully to practice in the right direction. For those, who have no idea about this key difference, let us explain: If you ask someone from USA to spell a word such as COLOR, the American will Spell is as “color” and the person from UK will spell it as “Colour”. There are plenty of examples where the spelling difference makes confusion. However, we are providing some examples below:  

Favorite (USA) – Favourite (UK)
Honor (USA) – Honour (UK)
Memorize (USA) – Memorise (UK)
Check (USA) – Cheque (UK)

What Spelling Style to Use in IELTS: 

As to the question, what is the correct way to spell words in IELTS , The British or the American? The answer for this question is BOTH. You can either use British or you can use American way of spelling as both are accepted, without any penalties. However, the important thing here is that one should choose only one style and should stick to it. Don’t use both way of spelling words in your IELTS test

These are some recommendations pertaining to the question “What to use American or British Way of Spelling for IELTS Test?”. We hope that you will not have further confusion in your mind regarding this little concept. With these final words we would like to summarize by saying that, you always need practice and hard-work to get your desire goals and same goes with your IELTS Test Preparation. So Practice, Practice and Practice. Best of Luck..  

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Andre Thomas said...
November 29, 2016 at 9:19 PM

What is the right way to spell words in IELTS, the American or the British, the answer is both.

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