Flow Chart Essay for IELTS Writing Task 1:

In your IELTS Writing Task 1 sometimes you have to deal with Graphs and sometimes you need to interpret the Flow Charts or Diagrams. For this reason, we at IELTS Package have decided to present the solutions to deal these Flow Charts with efficacy. It is very important that you people must practice these flow charts and comprehend the ideas carefully for your IELTS Test Preparation.  

Waste Paper Recycling Process: 

The flow diagram exhibits how waste paper is recycled. It is apparent that you can find 6 phases within this procedure, from the collection of waste paper to the final manufacturing of paper.

In the initial recycling procedure, waste paper is obtained from public, or straight from businesses. The paper is then sorted by hand and segregated is based on its quality. Moreover, any paper that isn't ideal for recycling being removed. Next, the graded paper is moved to a paper mill. 

The stages 4 and 5 of the procedure both include cleansing. The paper is cleaned out and pulped, and the unusual items for instance staples are removed. After this, all remains of ink as well as glue are stripped away from the paper at the de-inking phase. Lastly, the pulp can be prepared inside a machine that makes the final product: workable paper.

(150 words, band 9)

Note: We have combined the overview and introduction together to make a precise summary. You need to analyze this essay - why is it worth band 9?

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