Get Cambridge IELTS Basic Level Books for IELTS Exam Preparation

Cambridge IELTS Books for IELTS Test Preparation: 

Cambridge IELTS Books by ESOL examination is so far the best material for IELTS exam preparation, IELTS Package is dedicate to provide you the best information pertaining to your IELTS test preparation, This time we are providing you the information on Cambridge IELTS training material, which is necessary for your IELTS exam preparation. The complete set of IELTS Cambridge includes 8 books in total. The Books 1 to 3 are (Basic Level Books), 4 to 6 are (Intermediate level Books) and 7 to 8 are (Advanced Level Books). 

Cambridge IELTS Basic Level Books: 

These books are especially designed for basic level users. It is strongly recommended that all IELTS test takers must prepare themselves step by step. Also, start preparing yourself from the Cambridge IELTS Books 1 and never go directly to Book 7 or Book 8. These IELTS Books are so helpful that it will provide step by step way for IELTS exam preparation

The Cambridge IELTS Book 1: 


This book is especially designed to familiarize the IELTS test takers with the original test. This Book includes total 4 complete tests, including Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. This Book is the first book of Cambridge Practice Tests. The book is helpful to familiarize the students with the original test coming in IELTS test organized by IDP Australia and British Council. This book is equally good for both IELTS General Training & Academic IELTS

The Cambridge IELTS Book 2: 


This Book is the next book coming in the series of Cambridge IELTS Books. Like Book 1, this book is also having 4 basic tests for IELTS exam preparation. The initial tests in the Book 1 were quite easy, however, in this Book especially in the listening section the speed of dialogue will be little fast and it will be little difficult for the IELTS candidate to interpret the right word. However, little concentration to the listening section will result in good marks. Also, the Reading section of this book is also little difficult and technical one. You need little more practice to do the reading section with efficacy. 

The Cambridge IELTS Book 3: 


This is the last book in the series of Cambridge IELTS Basic Level Books. This Book also includes 4 basic tests leading towards more professional approach. These tests are little tricky and need more and more practice. It is highly recommended that the candidate must do the initial tests appearing in the first two books, as they will make a solid ground for the book 3. Don’t every try to do the tests of Cambridge IELTS Book 3 without doing the Book 1 & Book 2. The initial two tests of his book are comparatively easy, but the last 2 tests of listening, reading and writing are technical as well as difficult to handle.


Conclusively, the Cambridge IELTS Basic Level books are designed for basic level users, who are not actually familiar with the test pattern and style of the actual IELTS exam. For such students, it is always better to practice these books from scratch. Also, for students who are having some doubts and are not very much clear with the actual format of the IELTS, for them these Books are also highly recommended for their IELTS exam preparation. Practice these books and get your required band score. Best of Luck!!!

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